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Linda McFeely Mountainwood Homes

Linda McFeely

Being a project manager is like being a human switchboard – people give you information, and you have to assimilate it and spit it back out.”



With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Linda’s done it all. From working for remodeling companies to custom homebuilders and commercial work in hospitals, she has a diverse background in project management. She even has over six years of experience in the wine industry as a bookkeeper for a winery. Linda is good with the details to ensure everything gets noticed. Whether solving home renovation matters or puzzles, being a natural problem solver allows her to come up with solutions on the spot. The best parts of her job? She loves talking to people, being outside, and having the freedom to get things done.

Linda was born in San Jose, grew up in Milpitas, California, and moved to Portland to be closer to her daughter and two grandkids. When she’s not on her job sites, Linda loves to garden (she’s a vegetarian), cycle, work on stained glass, and spend time outdoors.


Fun Facts

  • She likes to ride her bike hands-free for 5 miles
  • Her favorite home-away-from-home is New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  • Has had every pet in the world: Turtle, parrot, bird, fish, rabbit, cats, and dogs

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