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8 Trends Today’s Clients Are Looking For

From the March 2017 issues of Remodeling Magazine:

Trend Watch: What Homeowners Want

From statement kitchens to bold finishing touches, here are eight trends today’s clients are looking for

Open Wide
The dominance of the open floor plan doesn’t seem to be fading. Homeowners are looking for connected spaces that allow visibility and interaction across living areas, says Kelsey Schwager, project designer at Des Moines, Iowa-based Red House Remodeling. That includes clean lines and large windows to let in natural light throughout the home.

And it doesn’t stop with the interior. Tom McElroy, principal of McElroy Architecture in San Francisco, says that the majority of his projects include an indoor/outdoor living element. “There’s usually one place in the house where people go all out, so we’ll have big sliding glass doors that will open up to say, 12 feet wide.”

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