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Bathroom Remodel-Keep It or Change It?

When you think of a luxury bathroom, what do you think of? Tile, stone countertops, and a vessel sink? Perhaps you think of a whirlpool tub or walk-in shower. Everyone has an idea of their perfect luxury bathroom. But if you’re doing a bathroom remodeling in Beaverton, knowing which things need changed and which things might work just fine in your new luxury bathroom is important. It can save you time, effort, and money knowing what to keep and what to change in your bathroom design.


  1. Countertops

Changing the countertops adds an immediate aura of luxury to any bathroom. Whether you choose to upgrade to marble, granite, or this year’s favorite, quartz,  the countertops are an excellent investment for your bathroom makeover. They stand up to staining and are easy to maintain. Quartz countertops are bacteria resistant and because of the unique mixture of materials in granite, each granite countertop is a unique piece of art.

  1. Tile

Tile is a must in most any bathroom remodel. If you don’t already have tile this is definitely something that you will want to consider. You can’t go wrong with tile and you can’t overdo it either. From tiling the entire shower, floor-to-ceiling, to tiling the floors and even the walls, tile is easy to clean and durable. It keeps your house cooler overall and the choices are endless. Unique tiling is trending in 2018, so don’t be afraid to be yourself. Tile backsplashes with decorative borders can add just the right amount of character to even the simplest of bathroom designs.

  1. Sink

If you choose the right sink, upgrading your sink can give your bathroom that high-end feeling. Pedestal sink are great for small spaces. Vessel sinks add a touch of class and personality. Perhaps, you’re most comfortable with a classic under mount or ceramic sink. There’s no wrong choice here because upgrading your sink is a smart choice.


  1. Toilet

Toilets are durable and if yours is in a color that you already want, this is one place that it might be okay to leave it. It’s not uncommon to leave the toilet during a remodel in order to save money and time. A word of warning, though, once the toilet is removed during a remodel, it can be more difficult to replace and it may warrant replacing it altogether so this is one decision that needs made early in the game.

  1. Cabinets

If your cabinets are in good condition, you can give your bathroom a whole new look just by adding a fresh coat of paint. The paint choices are endless so choose something that complements your tile or sink.

  1. Windows

Bathroom windows are commonly used for ventilation and light but rarely used to showcase a view. Since bathrooms are one of the private rooms in our home, the window can be lower on your list of options for bathroom makeovers in Beaverton.



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