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Design Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

If you’re planning to redesign your bathroom, there are many possible upgrades you could add to give it a more relaxing and spa like quality. There are lots of gorgeous bathroom design ideas that could increase the value of your home and the enjoyment factor out of this important room. So, before you start thinking about bathroom renovations in Portland, give these essential bathroom features some more thought.

 A Dream Bath

The best bathrooms are designed around amazing baths. Forget about that boring tub and shower combination, and go for a freestanding bath. There are plenty of different bath styles to choose from, such as sunken in, freestanding, Jacuzzi, corner style, alcove tubs, pedestal, Japanese style and claw foot. A unique tub can give your bathroom a strong sense of style and a refreshing atmosphere.

 A Custom Shower

 If you’re not a big fan of soaking in the bathtub every day, you should focus your efforts on creating an incredible shower experience. Today, there are plenty of options that can customize your daily shower ritual. You can opt for a large dual spray shower, a freestanding concept, a complete shower room or a massaging shower experience. Companies that specialize in bathroom renovations in Portland can help you find the perfect look.

Unique Statement Pieces

You can also get more sophistication and style by incorporating some unique statement pieces into your bathroom. Consider bringing in an antique dresser and having it converted into a vanity for something to help define the space. Specialized lighting fixtures can also give the room more personality.

More Natural Light

A final way to make your bathroom more stunning is by letting in the light. Contractors who specialize in bathroom renovations in Portland have many ideas about how to expand the size of your small bathroom with creative natural lighting and windows.

At Mountainwood Homes, you can find even more bathroom remodeling inspiration for your home. Call today at 503-746-7338 or put your information into this online form for more details.



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