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Creating a Mudroom

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a spot to put your wet raincoat and muddy shoes when you walk in the door? Don’t overlook the importance of creating a mudroom! The mudroom has become a necessary home feature in the Pacific Northwest to keep you organized while the rest of your home is clean.

So, what’s a mudroom?

It’s a casual, generally secondary entryway intended to remove and store footwear, outerwear, and wet clothing before entering the main house. As well as providing storage space, a mudroom serves to increase the cleanliness of a home.

Get Inspired

This mudroom is between the garage and the kitchen. It has plenty of built-in storage solutions for coats, shoes, and backup household supplies. While functional, don’t forget to add your personality and individual style through artwork, decor, and textiles.

A custom bench houses everyday shoes and boots while also fitting behind the door to the garage.

Industrial coat hooks add a whimsical touch to an otherwise utilitarian space.

Floor-to-ceiling Rustic Cherry cabinets provide additional storage right off the garage.


Other Ideas

Don’t have a dedicated area for a mudroom? You can still implement the concept and create multi-functional spaces. Depending on the layout of your home, the laundry room often functions as a mudroom. It’s usually located off the garage and is a natural entry into your home. Add hooks, shelving, and built-ins to create an organized space.

A popular trend is to relocate the laundry room upstairs near the bedrooms. That’s where all the laundry piles up, right? Then, the original laundry room can turn into a mudroom. That’s what happened at this Bethany home remodel.

BEFORE: The laundry room off of the garage was cramped and needed organization.


AFTER: The laundry room moved upstairs. Now, the space between the garage and kitchen functions as a mudroom.

Utilize an entryway or hallway to create a mudroom concept. That’s what we did in Northeast Portland! The home features a detached garage in the alleyway out back, so the backdoor functions as the family’s primary door to the home. Now, backpacks, coats and shoes are easily accessible as this busy family heads out for the day. This area also functions as the family’s command center for iPad charging and a drop for mail and keys.

Mud Room Advice:

  • Make the most of the space by creating vertical storage. Mudrooms are not typically large rooms, and you don’t need a lot of space to create a significant impact. 
  • Add cubbies or lockers for each member of your family. 
  • Visual clutter is real. Hide clutter behind closed doors, and use open shelving, bins, and hooks for everyday items.


Do you need to get organized? Reach out and discover what’s possible in your home!



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