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3 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

The changing seasons give you an excuse to switch up your home decor. Since you’ll spend more time inside when the weather gets cooler, make your home feel inviting and warm.

Here are 3 ways to make your home cozy for Fall

1. Add warm colors and lots of texture. 

Use throw pillows, blankets, and accessories to decorate your home for fall. Layer in fall color scheme colors found in nature, like warm neutrals and muted autumnal colors. Fall color schemes include warm reds, burnt orange, terracotta, golden ochre, soft browns, olive, and sage greens.

Add tons of textured accessories like velvet or furry accent pillows for added comfort. Throwing a chunky throw blanket over an armchair or draped over the couch is perfect when you want to curl up.

living room fireplace with open shelves
Our clients are ready for fall! After completing their kitchen and main floor remodel, they incorporated candles, textured pumpkins, and warm colors to decorate their new family room.

Rustic fall decor gives a relaxed vibe –think rattan furniture, leather accents, wicker trays, table linens, and fall flowers. You can also use dried stems and decorative branches to add texture to a coffee table or side table. Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn have the best faux stems around. They’re an investment, but they’ll look fabulous each time you pull them out of storage. Don’t forget to add some metal elements like brass, copper, gunmetal, and brass.

Walnut kitchen with large island
Large branches add texture to the sleek kitchen island.

2. Incorporate fall scents.

Fall is known for comforting scents coming from the kitchen. Get your home to smell like fall with warm vanilla, apple, pumpkin, and spices from autumn baking. If you’re not much of a baker, you can light a delicious candle or use essential oils to bring seasonal scents into your home. If you’re all about home automation, try Pura – the smart fragrance diffuser. The diffuser holds two fragrances so that you can switch from one mood to another with a click of the app. Pura’s seasonal collection features delicious scents from Anthropologie, NEST New York, Capri Blue, and Studio McGee.  It also makes a great Christmas or housewarming gift if you’re getting a jump start on your holiday shopping.

pura scent diffuser
Plug in your Pura, program, and let premium, clean fragrance enhance your every mood.

3. Layer lighting.

It gets darker earlier in the evening in fall and winter. Don’t forget –Daylight Savings Time ends with turning the clocks back on November 6th, the first Sunday in November. Using a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting creates multiple light sources to balance the light in your home. Tip: Be sure to use light bulbs with a similar color temperature. Your choice of lightbulbs is a personal choice that can completely change the look and feel of your home. It’s wise to do your research and pay attention to what type of light you prefer.

Aside from the bulbs, you can adjust the light’s settings with light controls and dimmers for ultimate flexibility. Don’t forget to check your outdoor lighting and replace bulbs as needed for your Fall Home Maintenance tasks.

floor lamp

Enjoy your home this fall.

Fall is a great season to settle in and enjoy our homes. Adding touches of fall through colors, texture, scents, and lighting, you can change the vibe of your home to a more relaxed and cozy space for the next few months. If you’re interested in making more substantial changes to your home with a kitchen remodel or whole house renovation, reach out to our team to discuss your ideas.



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