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3 Types of Kitchen Range Hoods

A kitchen range hood can be the focal point of your space and draws everyone’s attention to the heart of your home. Whether your style is clean and modern, contemporary, or rustic, there is a hood design for you. Stainless steel is only the beginning; you can choose to panel your hood to match your cabinetry or use a contrasting material to accentuate your cooktop or range. If you want a way to add drama to your kitchen, a decorative kitchen range hood might do the trick.

rustic kitchen range hood
The mix of materials in this rustic Hillsboro kitchen creates a warm and inviting ambiance.

Types of Kitchen Range Hoods

There are several kitchen hood possibilities for your kitchen remodel project. At Mountainwood Homes, our Designers will help you determine the best option for your kitchen throughout the design selection process. Which option fits your style?

Stainless-Steel Chimney Range Hood

A chimney hood mounts to the wall behind your range and has a flue to externally vent or recirculate to minimize harmful odors.

Benefits of Stainless Chimney Hoods

  • Allows space for tile around the hood
  • Breaks up the cabinetry
  • Clean and simple lines

Stainless Chimney Hood Examples

White kitchen in a Lake Oswego Custom Home
This Lake Oswego kitchen uses a black and white palette mixed with natural wood. Stainless appliances pop against the clean backdrop.


Grey cabinets in a basement kitchen remodel mother-in-law suite
A kitchen was added to the daylight basement to create a mother-in-law suite in this 2006 Northwest Heights Portland remodel.
Stainless steel range hood on white backsplash tile and walnut cabinets in this Beaverton kitchen remodel
For this 1991 Beaverton kitchen remodel, our clients selected walnut flush-style cabinets in a natural finish. The stainless range hood adds a sleek accent to their modern Danish style.
teal floating shelves with stainless steel kitchen range hood
This Beaverton kitchen remodel has a stainless steel range hood with floating shelves on both sides.
Stainless steel range hood with quartzite backsplash in this Portland kitchen remodel.
Stainless steel range hood with quartzite backsplash in this Portland kitchen remodel.
stainless steel range hood in this Portland kitchen remodel.
Stainless steel range hood with walnut floating shelves and teal lower kitchen cabinets in this Portland kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Range Hoods

A range hood insert is a kitchen exhaust fan that fits inside custom cabinetry. These are sometimes called a “liner.” Range hood inserts are built into the decorative hood cabinet above the range. This option allows for total customization of the look of the hood. You don’t see it except when you look underneath the decorative cabinet.

Benefits of Cabinet Range Hoods

  • Keeps a continuous line of cabinetry
  • Allows for a change in finish color
  • Custom shapes and details

Painted Cabinet Hood with Contrasting Band Examples

“Adding a wood accent to the bottom edge of your hood can also draw your eye without your hood stealing the whole show,” said Angela Dechard, designer at Mountainwood Homes. “I suggest taking the time to put a little thought into the design of your kitchen hood, as it can make all the difference in the feel of your kitchen.”

Painted white cabinets with cabinet hood and contrasting band in this West Linn kitchen remodel
The stained oak band on the hood is now the focal point on the kitchen’s back wall in this West Linn kitchen remodel. The mix of painted white perimeter cabinets with dark gray, stained Alder on the island and oven wall add warmth and brightness to the room.
Cabinet range hood with a wood band.
Cabinet range hood with a wood band in this Beaverton kitchen remodel.

Wood Cabinet Hood

Kitchen with large island and walnut wood cabinets and range hood
The all-natural Walnut cabinets bring warmth to the kitchen in this West Linn custom home.
Kitchen with wood cabinets and blue backsplash tile features stainless range with custom cabinet hood range above
This Tigard kitchen remodel used a mix of natural and stained walnut cabinets with the island matching the cabinet range hood.
cherry cabinets with cherry wood kitchen range hood in this custom home in West Linn, Oregon
Cherry cabinets with Cherry wood kitchen range hood in this custom home in West Linn, Oregon.
Flat panel walnut cabinets in this Midcentury Modern home remodel in Camas, WA.
Flat-panel walnut cabinets with a Walnut range hood in this Midcentury Modern home remodel in Camas, WA.

Other Types of Range Hoods

There are a variety of range hood options. Shaped and boxed hoods are made from a plywood form or flexible drywall and can be drywalled, painted, and plastered with texture techniques.

Custom Zinc Hood

Large kitchen with zinc kitchen range hood
Even under construction, the custom zinc range hood looks impressive in this Oregon City whole house remodel. It plays nicely off the decorative kitchen pendant and quartzite countertops.


Tiled Range Hood

Kitchen remodel in Portland, Oregon with dark grey walls and subway tiled kitchen hood

The custom subway tiled range hood and feature wall with floating shelves pop against the dark wall in this Northeast Portland kitchen remodel.

Ceiling Mounted Range Hood

Large kitchen with a suspended kitchen ceiling over the island
The suspended kitchen ceiling filters natural light from clerestory windows in this custom home build. The ceiling-mounted range hood allows for uninterrupted sightlines and is non-obstructive for island cooking. Since the vent needs to draw air, it can’t be too high off the ceiling, so we dropped the ceiling and created a floating ceiling to help with the function and create a design element.

Purpose of Kitchen Exhaust Vents

Aside from decorative purposes, kitchen range hoods serve a very functional role. A fan above the cooktop helps with proper kitchen ventilation to reduce odors, grease, and fumes from using your cooktop. The hood vent captures, filters, and then removes the fumes outside through a vent in an exterior wall or roof. Tip: turn on the range hood before you start cooking and leave it running a few minutes after.

Where to Locate the Range Hood

Many homeowners want to keep an open, unobstructed view of their kitchen. If the cooktop was located on the island before the remodel, it is often relocated to a back wall to clear the island for entertaining and cooking prep work. Many homeowners like the look of decorative pendant light fixtures over the island as a focal point rather than a range hood.


Other Decisions to Make

Depending on how often you cook and the type of cuisine you prepare, you may need stronger air movement. The power for range hoods is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This measurement is the amount of air a ventilation hood can move through its filter per minute. Vent hoods over 400 CFM require that makeup air be brought in from the outside when the unit is on to supplement the air exhausted from the home. Typically, those are part of your forced-air unit.


Ready for a New Kitchen?

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to planning your kitchen remodel. Work with the team at Mountainwood Homes to pull all the details together. Reach out to our team to discuss your kitchen remodel so you can start enjoying your kitchen again.



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