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2024 Home Remodeling Trends

The start of a new year allows us to think about areas in our lives that need attention, like our homes. If your kitchen or bathroom needs an update, make 2024 the year you prioritize your home projects and cross them off the list.

Whether you want to give a space a fresh look or remodel your entire home, here are five home design trends the Mountainwood Homes design team is excited about for the upcoming year.

2024 Home Remodeling Trends

Bold Personalization Is In

No more playing it safe; it’s time to infuse your unique style into your home.

“I am excited to see people expressing their personal style and taking bold moves to make their home stand apart,” says Angela Dechard, designer with Mountainwood Homes, a Tigard-based design/build company. “They are making their home truly an expression of what makes them happy.”

Homeowners are mixing styles, using expressive tile patterns, and introducing more color throughout their homes.

Cabinetry Colors Add Flair

Add a pop of color with painted cabinetry. Using a bold shade on the lower cabinets and going lighter for the upper cabinets gives many homeowners the best of both worlds. Forest green, blue, beige, and brown are popular this year.

two-tone kitchen cabinets in Portland Oregon
A mix of painted Sherwin-Williams Cape Verde (SW 6482) and Pure White (SW 7005) cabinets gives this kitchen remodel a vibrant look.

If a toned-down look is more your style, warm tones and natural wood options are still popular.

“People are leaning into the warmer, more earth-inspired color palettes and are not afraid to choose something they love,” adds Designer Darby Sargent with Mountainwood Homes. “Ultimately, we are helping clients design their home to love, not a house to resale – unless that’s the goal.”

Primary Suite Additions & Multigenerational Living

If you need more space at home, consider adding a primary suite to create a completely customized retreat. Depending on your floor plan, adding a functional primary suite and reconfiguring the existing space for other purposes may make sense. Creating a new luxury bathroom, walk-in closet, and primary bedroom is high on many homeowner’s wish lists.

primary suite addition in Portland, Oregon
Adding a home addition to the back of the house in the backyard allowed the homeowners to create an expansive primary suite with modern amenities – something their 1970s home did not have before.

When homeowners commit to a home addition or extensive remodel, planning for possible changes to their living conditions is wise.

“Consider scenarios that may come up later, such as aging parents and adult children moving back home,” advises Ivan France, Mountainwood’s CAD Designer and Integrator. “This is the time to prepare for aspects of a remodel that are harder to do later, such as rough in plumbing, so you can include them in the project scope, even if you don’t immediately intend to use that space for that purpose.”

“We recently finished a design that converted part of a main level for a new mother-in-law suite and then added the rooms we took away to the upper level,” France added.

Many families are getting creative and choosing to live under the same roof. Designing adaptable spaces that provide each resident privacy and personalized amenities will continue to be a popular trend for years.

Bright Ideas for Lighting

A shift toward surface mount lights has been on the rise lately, a departure from typical recessed lights.

“Lighting is the jewelry of a home and gives another opportunity to add personality and flair to a design,” says Mountainwood Homes Designer Sarah Peek. “With so many great low-profile options, if your space is not too busy with other decorative lighting, consider surface mounts over recessed lights.”

galley kitchen update with new cabinets, countertops, paint, millwork, appliances, and light fixtures.
To stay true to the original character of their 1940s home, these homeowners selected aged brass flush mount lights in the kitchen.

Functional Primary Bathroom as Refuge

Creating a relaxing bathing experience at home continues to be a popular bathroom trend.

Oversized walk-in showers top the wish list for many homeowners planning a bathroom remodel.

Steam showers, body sprays, radiant heat, and integrated technology controls elevate the showering experience. Homeowners want luxury features as they prioritize wellness and create an oasis at home.

primary bathroom steam walk-in shower in Portland, Oregon
The couple created a true primary suite by converting their son’s bedroom into a walk-in closet and adding a luxury digital shower in their 1969 home.

Floating vanity cabinets, additional storage, and relaxing colors and materials make the bathroom the ultimate escape.

Floating walnut vanity in primary bathroom in Portland, Oregon
This new primary bathroom features a tranquil bathroom with a lit, floating double vanity, midcentury sconce lighting, and Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired plumbing fixtures.

Fresh Start, Fresh Places

The new year is a great time to remodel and make your home uniquely yours. With changing trends and new technologies, now is the time to update your space based on your needs and personal style. Simple changes can transform your home into a place that truly represents you, making it a practical and expressive escape. It’s your home – anything goes! Reach out to Mountainwood Homes to give your living space a fresh look and feel this year and love where you live again.



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