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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is in the air. It’s time to get your home ready for cooler months ahead with our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist.

Why is Seasonal Home Maintenance Important?

Simple routine maintenance tasks will provide a comfortable space and prevent damage to your home and wallet. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, requiring upkeep to avoid more extensive (and costly) issues from coming up later.

With leaves, rain, and cooler temperatures, it’s time to make the rounds to ensure your home’s interior and exterior will hold up throughout the season.

Find time to ensure the interior and exterior of your home are ready for the changing weather.


Interior Home Maintenance in the Fall

Replace batteries in all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Swap in new batters at least once a year to keep the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in peak condition.

Schedule a furnace inspection.

We recommend calling a licensed HVAC professional to ensure your furnace works correctly. Get ahead of everyone else and schedule a furnace inspection before the seasonal changes. Staying on top of routine maintenance will help with energy efficiency and extend the life of your furnace.

Replace furnace filters.

Did you know you’re supposed to replace your furnace filter every 90 days? Maybe more often if you have pets. It’s a quick and easy way to maximize the efficiency of your system. Furnace filters have a dirty job. Swap yours out, or clean it if you have a permanent filter, so your furnace doesn’t work too hard or require repairs.

Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and filter.

Clean your range hood filter every two to three months. We recommend cleaning it monthly if you regularly cook with a wok or fry food. Check out this blog post about the three types of kitchen range hoods to learn more about the purpose of kitchen exhaust vents and where to locate them.

Clean the kitchen garbage disposal.

Crush ice and add baking soda and citrus rinds. Some people prefer to use a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.

Remove lint from the dryer exhaust vent.

Unplug the dryer, pull it away from the wall, and disconnect the duct from the dryer. Remove the lint in the duct with a vacuum. You can tell if this task is overdue if it takes longer than usual to dry your clothes. Add this to your yearly maintenance schedule.

Oil garage door tracks.

The best way to lubricate garage doors is with a silicone spray or lithium-based grease and wipe away any excess with a rag. If your garage door is loud and squeaky, you may be overdue for maintenance.

Check the crawl space.

Grab a flashlight and look for mold, pests, and water damage.

Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces.

Now that the kids are back at college or your summer house guests are gone, keep those unused bathrooms in rotation.

Switch the ceiling fan to turn clockwise.

In the summer, the fan blades should turn counterclockwise to redistribute the air down, so you feel the breeze. But don’t shut your fan off in the winter. It can help keep your home comfortable in the winter months. Changing the fan setting to a clockwise direction pulls cold air toward the ceiling and maintains a cozy warmth throughout the room. The fan doesn’t change the room’s temperature but makes it feel more comfortable.


Exterior Home Maintenance in the Fall

Inspect your roof

Check your roof for moss and water damage before the rain comes.

Clean gutters and downspouts

Prevent water buildup that may cause issues Get rid of the leaves and debris blocking your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, water cannot easily escape.

Examine weather stripping around doors and windows.

Weather stripping keeps the weather out and your home comfortable inside. Mind the gap between the threshold of a room and the door. If chunks are missing or damaged, then it’s time to replace the stripping.

Cover or store outdoor furniture.

Your outdoor furniture costs as much as your indoor furniture, so don’t leave it out in the rain to soak. Bring your outdoor furniture inside to avoid mildew and discoloration to the cushions when the extended rain comes.

Check outdoor light bulbs.

It gets darker earlier in the evening in the fall and winter. Keep your home adequately lit by replacing any outdoor lighting. Check that your porch, landscaping, exterior, and flood lights are working correctly. Be sure to use bulbs that are outdoor rated.

Turn off outdoor water faucets; drain & store garden hoses

Don’t forget: righty-tightly, lefty-loosey. Detach your garden hoses at the end of the season, close the shut-off valve and drain the fixture before it freezes.

Clean and inspect your chimney and fireplaces.

Creosote builds up in your chimney which can lead to a chimney fire. Call the professionals for a chimney sweep.

Remove debris from exhaust ducts.

Don’t forget to check outside vents near the foundation or up on the roof. Check for bird nests and cut back any nearby trees or bushes.

Turn off and winterize landscape irrigation.

Shut off the water, deactivate the system, and drain the remaining water.

Clear out debris from storm drains.

Remove fallen leaves and trash from around the storm drains. Check to see if there is any standing water or slow-draining water.

Trim trees and plants away from the siding.

Keep trees and shrubs trimmed at least six inches to three feet away from your home to avoid pests and water damage.


Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Find time to ensure the interior and exterior of your home are ready for the changing weather as the fall season kicks in. Split up your home maintenance each season to check off these essential tasks from your honey-do list. If you’re low on time, be sure to engage with a professional specializing in these routine maintenance tasks, so they get done this fall.



Fall Maintenance Checklist




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