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Category: Planning

A Kitchen Remodel Timeline

What Is Involved with a Kitchen Remodel? You’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen, but how long will a kitchen remodel timeline take? After months (and sometimes years) of thinking

Meet Woodline Electric

Need help with lighting and panel upgrades or installing a hot tub, sauna, or electric car charger? Well, we started an electrical company. Meet Woodline Electric. We saw a need

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is in the air. It’s time to get your home ready for cooler months ahead with our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist. Why is Seasonal Home Maintenance Important? Simple routine

How to Pick a Home Remodeler

Home remodeling can be stressful. Not only will your house turn into a construction site, but there are a lot of decisions to make. First, and the most critical decision

Why We Use Design Agreements

There are numerous decisions, details, and options to consider when planning for a home remodel. Selecting a remodeler is the first and most important decision because it is the beginning

Top 3 Remodeling Myths

There are so many myths about planning a remodel that we’d love to debunk. From HGTV shows to online “experts,” we repeatedly hear outdated advice that our clients have received.

Webinar: Remodel or Move?

If you’ve asked yourself, “Should I remodel or move?” – you’re not alone. When homeowners ask this, they’re really trying to figure out if they can change what they don’t

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