A home remodeler and builder is only as good as the people who stand behind it.

When Robert and Heather Wood started Mountainwood Homes in 2008, they set out with an ambitious goal: to establish client relationships that last. To do this, they put their strengths into action—Heather as an award-winning interior designer, Robert as a Certified Master Builder. Eleven years later, the Beaverton-based, residential design-build firm that began humbly employs a talented team and has a reputation for providing extraordinary client care and attending to every design detail.

We never treat your project as an assembly line product; there’s no such thing as a “routine” job. We only use the best materials. Our remodeling crews are experienced professionals who genuinely care about craftsmanship and settle for nothing less than excellence. We stand behind our work and do what we say. And we refuse to compromise on any of our standards.

We are proud of the team that we have assembled at Mountainwood Homes. If you’d like to know more about the Mountainwood Homes crew, you can read more about Our Team. And if you’re in need of remodeling or new-home construction in Beaverton, Portland or SW Washington, Contact us today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you.

Mountainwood Homes redefines the remodeling and custom home building experience.

There is magic at the intersection of art and science—taking a complex problem and finding a clear yet striking solution. When you admit you can’t do it alone, who walks beside you matters. When you want it done and you want it done right, trust is formed. When you recognize what you bring to the table, you care about who pulls up a chair. There is a bond formed when your vision is realized and made into reality. When you value the journey as much as the destination, we’re here to lead the way.