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Kitchen Islands Should Keep Traffic Flowing

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Kitchen Islands Should Keep Traffic Flowing

The biggest complaint homeowners have about their kitchens is the space. There’s never enough. That can mean not enough countertop workspace, not enough cabinetry for storage, or both. If kitchen renovations in Portland are high on your list of home improvements, make sure you have enough room for additions, such as an island, or you may end up with a kitchen you still don’t like after the work is done.

An Island May Not Be Right for Your Space

Installing an island may seem like the answer to your storage and workspace needs, but it can backfire if you choose one that’s too big, too small or put it in the wrong place. You need room to maneuver between the stove, sink and refrigerator and an island that impedes accessibility will lose its appeal fast. You can incorporate a sink in your island, which will free up space where the sink is now and also give you some countertop area on the island, but the bigger question is still whether you have room for it.

Work With Traffic, Not Against

Consider the flow of traffic in and out of your kitchen and whether an island will hamper it. Designers suggest leaving 42 to 48 inches of room around islands. Any less and you may regret installing something that you keep catching your hip on as you round the island corners. Kitchens with less than 13 feet in width don’t have room for an island, which should measure at least three feet by five feet to be an effective addition. L-shaped kitchens and those with a single wall are typically good choices for an island addition.

When you’re ready to make kitchen renovations in Portland and surrounding areas, seek a trusted professional, such as Mountainwood Homes, to discuss your ideas and needs with a designer. You can fill out a quick and easy contact form to get the ball rolling.



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