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Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

Cindy Trinh, the Marketing Coordinator at Mountainwood Homes, shares some easy kitchen organization tips she uses at home.

If you’re like me, my home reflects my mind. Whether that’s my kitchen, bathroom, closet, or bedroom, if my house is messy and disorganized, then I am stressed. How do I eliminate stress? Organization. Here are a few tips for organizing your kitchen that I’ve done in my home.

Organize the Fridge with Clear Bins

I use clear bins in multiple areas in my home. I find them especially helpful in the refrigerator to keep similar items grouped, like perishable goods or eggs and cheese. It makes it easy to access items in hard-to-reach areas and use up what I have.

refrigerator organization Refrigerator Clear Bins

Maximize the Space Under the Kitchen Sink

The area under the kitchen sink is a convenient spot to house cleaning supplies and items I regularly use, like Folex for my spot-cleaning and multi-surface spray. I have a lot of white, cream, and gray furniture in my home, so having Folex on hand is a lifesaver. There is little usable space between the kitchen plumbing and the recycling bin, so I decided to go vertical. I bought a tiered shelf from Amazon to store all my cleaning supplies and dish brushes to make the most of the space.

Seeing all the cleaning supplies organized makes it easily accessible and rewarding when I need to clean next.

under kitchen sink organization

Tiered Shelf | Clear Bins for Under the Sink | Stackable Bins with Lid

Kitchen Drawer Organization

Since investing in drawer organization trays, I have spent less time looking for my forks, spoons, chopsticks, and straws. Amazon and The Container Store are my favorite stores because they have so many products in various sizes. It is easiest to shop online for storage containers because I can measure the specific drawers and cabinets and look up the products that will fit. While this takes planning, it’s better than coming home from HomeGoods or Target with bins that don’t fit the space.

utensils drawer organization

Kitchen Drawer Utensils Organization

Pantry Organization

We go grocery shopping at Fred Meyer every week on Monday nights to avoid crowds. Grocery shopping can often be tiring, and then you get home and have to put it all away. To speed up the process, I was stuffing my pantry with the new items I’d bought. But my process changed when I started to use baskets, bins, and lazy Susan’s to maximize my cabinets and drawers.

Finding a solution that works for your home and your needs starts out by writing down a list of your regular perishable items. Then you’ll want to find organization systems that would fit your items. How I organize my pantry:

  • Clear Containers
    • Pasta, rice, waffle mix, protein, etc.
  • Clear Jars
    • Spices, sauces
  • Baskets
    • Canned items, chips, and snacks
  • Lazy Susan
    • Oils, syrups

pantry organization ideas

Clear Containers | Clear Containers with Bamboo Lids | Plastic Baskets | Lazy Susan

Organizing with Kitchen Labels

To conclude my kitchen organization tips, I use labels for all my clear bins, bottles, baskets –you name it. These labels help me stay organized and know where everything goes. Plus, it creates a cohesive look and fits my aesthetic.

One of Mountainwood Homes’ designers mentioned this, and it resonated with me:

“If your kitchen isn’t organized, then you won’t maintain it. You’ll continue to shove things in. When everything has a place, you’ll put it back.” – Designer, Vicki Enger

Ever since I figured out where I want everything to go, I have created the habit of putting all kitchen supplies back in their specific area.

Now I’m less overwhelmed and feel more put together, which gives me peace of mind that my home reflects how I feel.

kitchen spice drawer labels for organization

Spice Jar with Labels

Get Into a Routine

If you’re considering reorganizing, now’s the time to do it. It’s time to declutter all the items you don’t use so you can see what you do have. To start, set a timer on your phone for 20 minutes daily. Setting the alarm helped me get into a routine after work. When I get home from work and see a pile of dishes in the sink, it can feel overwhelming, but it becomes a challenge to see how much you can accomplish in a set time.

If you’ve found this blog helpful, make sure to bookmark or save this page for future your future organization plans.



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