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Building a Contemporary Style Custom Home in Beaverton

the modern interior design with fireplace (3D)
the modern interior design with fireplace (3D)

The contemporary style is an innovative and open-minded style that is constantly changing. At the heart of contemporary design is a true self-expression that should be evident by personal touches. Although it is simple, subtle, and sophisticated, the goal of contemporary design is to nurture togetherness and an enjoyment of life. It uses modern styles, textures, and clean lines to achieve the distinct look to promote comfort and relaxation. Here are a few tips for incorporating a contemporary design when building a custom home in Beaverton.

Open Concept

What defines contemporary style cannot so much be understood by what is added, but can be better explained by what is left out. The absence of clutter combined with an open concept gives an airy feeling to your home. Walls are removed in an effort to create a “grand space” that, although distinctly divided by furnishings, rugs, or flooring, flows naturally as one inviting room.

Adding to the openness are high ceilings and lots of natural light. You will see glass everywhere as it adds to the open, minimalistic feel. High-gloss surfaces give the feeling of richness and metal is often used. Many natural materials blend together beautifully and keep the space from feeling stark.

Neutral Color With Bold Accents

If you are building a house in Beaverton, include lots of neutral colors in your contemporary design. Using grays, brown, blacks, and whites as the typical color palette may seem boring at first thought, but this is a strategic move. One of the classic features of any contemporary style is making a bold statement: but only one. This neutral backdrop suddenly comes to life with one bold accent color. This is also where the beautiful textures and patterns come into play; just in small but powerful doses.

Bare, Natural Flooring

When choosing flooring for your contemporary design, the perfect complement are simple, bare floors. This is an area of your home where natural, organic materials will show up again. Ceramic tile, travertine stone, or marble throughout will give your home a continuous, beautiful flow. Hardwoods in very dark or very light tones are often used but with a high-gloss finish to showcase their natural elegance and the uniqueness of the grain. Floors are kept bare with area rugs used to define areas or for artistic flair.

Natural Lighting

Lots and lots of natural light contribute to the open and airy feeling that the contemporary style is so well-known for. This is usually accomplished with large windows; often floor-to-ceiling windows. Since soft, curved lines are also a trademark of the contemporary style, round top windows are a perfect accent.

At Mountainwood Homes, our design team can help you to achieve the contemporary style design that you want when you are building a custom home in Beaverton. We are a complete home building and remodeling company, so we handle every step of the process, which means that you don’t have to worry about hiring a new contractor for each stage. Let us custom design your contemporary home today. Contact us to discuss your project.



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