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Farewell to project manager Steve Hunt

This week, we are sending off our longest employee who’s moving on to chase the sun and surf down in San Diego. Steve Hunt has been a project manager at Mountainwood for 8 years, but our history with Steve goes way back. Robert and Steve have worked together on and off for the last 20 years in the industry.

About 2 years into starting Mountainwood, Steve gave Robert a call and said, “If you need somebody…” and Robert knew he needed him. Robert admitted, “All I have right now is framing job.” And Steve jumped at the chance and said, “I’ll put my bags on,” which we’ll never forget.

Robert choked up when retelling his long history with Steve. “It always come back to the fact that Steve has been very loyal to Robert; and that’s hard to find in this world.”One of our clients dubbed Steve, “the nicest man in the world,” and we agree. He’s dependable, loyal, laid back, and we’ve all learned so much from his experience. Wish Steve well on this next chapter! Cheers!




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