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His and Hers Bathroom Remodels

Designing a bathroom that caters to the needs and preferences of both partners can be challenging. His and hers bathroom remodels are becoming increasingly popular as couples look for ways to make their personal space more functional and comfortable. Our clients, Mike and Carole, don’t share a bathroom –they use two separate bathrooms in their 1979 Gresham home and wanted to remodel both. While the two bathrooms are next to each other, his bathroom is in the primary bedroom, and her bathroom is the guest bathroom in the hallway. The couple worked with Designer Angela Dechard with Mountainwood Homes to remodel his and her bathrooms. This blog post will explore the two separate bathroom remodels and discuss the key design elements that make them stand out.

Designing His Bathroom Remodel

When designing his bathroom, it was essential to focus on practicality and functionality. Men tend to prefer a minimalist and straightforward approach to design, meaning the bathroom should be clutter-free and easy to navigate. Here are some design elements we incorporated into his bathroom:

1. Wet Room Layout

Thanks to great space planning, the reconfigured layout allowed our client to design a wet room bathroom. Before the remodel, the shower was shoved into the corner like a telephone booth with one tiny door.

before primary bathroom renovation
BEFORE: The original 1979 bathroom layout was tight, and the shower stall made the space dark.

While visiting their daughter, who was studying abroad, they saw the wet room bathroom design and had to have it. Since our client is tall, he wanted the shower and overall space to be more spacious.

After primary bathroom renovation
AFTER: Now the bathroom has three sections, with the toilet behind a partition wall for privacy, the shower with glass half-walls and a skylight above it, and the vanity area significantly improved.

The wet room design required some additional steps during construction. We had to waterproof the entire floor and create a gentle slope to the drain using a smaller mosaic floor tile. Tile was installed on the opposing wall to the 42″ wainscot for splashing.

Wet room primary bathroom layout
The tile wainscot height was determined by the size of the tiles, so it came out to three tiles high.

2. Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as green, grey, beige, and bronze were used in his bathroom remodel. These colors create a calming and soothing atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. On the walls, Sherwin-Williams Pearly White (SW 7009) brought grey undertones and a cool gentleness to the bright white paint.

3. Natural Materials

Natural materials are durable and long lasting, making them the ideal choice for bathroom design. Wood cabinets, granite solid surface countertops, and bronze fixtures add a touch of elegance to his bathroom.

“We picked a big slab of granite. Part of the slab had some lighter tone and light green, and one side was darker with dark browns,” Angela said. “He wanted the lighter side for his vanity, and she wanted the darker. That way, they could buy one slab, but each felt like they had a different vanity top.”

Primary bathroom remodel with granite countertops
The Monte Cristo granite slab had a variety of colors throughout the slab. Mike selected the side with grey & brown tones, while Carole wanted the darker side.

The green, matte 4″ x 22″ tiles used on the back shower wall are unique in allowing the grout joint to be an integral part of the overall concept. A harmonious, singular statement reveals itself as branches in a tree-like pattern when grouted.

Primary bathroom tile creates a unique pattern.
The Fuggo by Fittile tile from UnitedTile creates a modern tree-branch pattern once grouted.

Mike liked the look of the Japanese and craftsman vibe. Initially, they selected a different backsplash tile, but Angela found the Yohen by Inax Tile at UnitedTile. Luckily, it wasn’t too late to make a switch.

“I found these tiles, and I thought they would really like them, and we were happy to switch it out since we hadn’t officially bought our first selection,” Angela said. “The clients said, ‘Oh my gosh, yes – let’s change it!’”

Master bathroom remodel with mosaic backsplash near bathroom sink.
The vanity ledge face and backsplash incorporate a mix of green glazed, ½” x 4″ mosaic tiles on a mesh to give an artisan look.

4. Adequate Storage

Storage is an essential element in any bathroom. Adequate storage space can help keep his bathroom clutter-free and organized. Installing a floating Cherry cabinet with plenty of drawers and an open shelf is a great way to create storage space while keeping the room airy.

Master bathroom Cherry vanity cabinets
The Cherry vanity cabinet with flat panel fronts and light grey stain pop against the dark bronze plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware.

5. Custom Features

Who doesn’t appreciate custom features designed to solve a specific and annoying problem? Early in the design process, Mike shared his wish list, and most had to do with the fact that he was tall and wanted to design a space that fit him.

Extra-Tall Shower Head

Because of his height, he wanted to be able to stand under the shower head – something he can’t do with most shower heads.

Elevated and tall shower for our clients in Gresham, OR
We installed the Delta shower head higher than usual so that the client could stand under it.

Recessed Toilet Paper Niche

Our client was sick of hitting his knee on the toilet paper holder. So, when it came time to remodel his bathroom, he loved the idea of building a niche to recess the toilet paper holder, so he didn’t constantly hit his knees. Plus, he can store an extra roll of toilet paper right there – how efficient! We had to ensure that the niche was big enough and worked with our tile installer, so the layout worked with the tile layout.

Toilet paper niche
The custom toilet paper niche was an essential feature for the homeowner.

“Working through these details makes people’s day,” said designer Angela Dechard. “Every time they use it, it’s special for them.”

Designing Her Bathroom Remodel

When designing her bathroom remodel, the focus was on creating an earthy, moody, serene, and open space. Here are some design elements incorporated into her bathroom:

1. Upgrade the Look

Before, the original 1970s bathroom was well maintained, but it was dated and tired.

Guest bathroom before bathroom renovation
BEFORE: The original 1979 hall bath was tired with dated materials and a tub shower.

2. Calming Colors

Nature-inspired colors, like blue, are calming since they are associated with the sea and the sky. Relaxing colors also create a spa-like vibe, making her bathroom the perfect place to start the day.

Bathroom vanity blue backsplash near sink
The flat panel Cherry cabinets have a Gunstock stain to create an earthy feel against the calming blue backsplash tile.

3. Soft Lighting

Soft lighting creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere in her bathroom. Our client opted for a low-light atmosphere and moodier lighting to create a calming environment.

4. Earthy Materials

Granite Countertop

While Mike used the lighter end of the slab, Carole gravitated toward the darker parts of the Monte Cristo granite slab.

“We wanted the bathrooms to really be different while using the same countertop,” Carole said.

“As a ‘rock person,’ I love the granite countertop.”

Granite countertops in this guest bathroom renovation
Monte Cristo granite comes from a bedrock quarry in Northern India and features different color tones, veining, and movement. Mike and Carole had their countertops made from the same slab to maximize the entire slab.

Abstract Shower Art

Carole and Angela carefully laid out the 12″ x 24″ blue porcelain tiles to create a landscape scene on the shower wall, which looks like artwork. The darker parts of the tile at the bottom and the lighter tile towards the ceiling create a “sky” effect.

Blue tile used in guest shower
Designer Angela Dechard and homeowner Carole met at the house before the tile installer was ready to install the shower tile to lay out exactly how they wanted the ‘sky’ to look on the back of the shower wall.

Earthy Tiles

The Crafter series tiles from American Olean reflect an artistic vision. The concrete look was inspired by the unique fibers found in craft paper. This subtle detail adds warmth to the small space.

Crafter tile used in guest bathroom floor
Using a different size tile for the main floor and shower floor gives a cohesive look.

5. Spa-Like Features

The shower niche creates plenty of room to hold bath products and create a spa-like atmosphere in her bathroom. The bathroom remodel features a spacious shower, an upgrade from the original 1979 tub shower. Installing a walk-in shower with a hand shower provides a luxurious and relaxing experience.

Guest bathroom layout after remodel
We installed the Delta shower head higher than usual so the client could stand comfortably under it.

Personal His and Hers Bathroom Remodels

His and hers bathroom remodels are about creating spaces catering to both partners’ unique needs and preferences. His bathroom focused on practicality and functionality, while her bathroom added artistic touches. Incorporating design elements such as calming colors, natural materials, adequate storage, custom features, soft lighting, and spa-like features can help create bathrooms that both partners will love. And there is always time to get your dream bathroom.

“The bathrooms needed to be remodeled when we purchased the home 30 years ago,” Carole mentioned. “Now, we’re no longer embarrassed to have guests use the bathrooms.”

The couple wanted different things, and remodeling two bathrooms gave them a personalized space that reflected their style. This home is the couple’s forever home, and they are committed to making upgrades to continue enjoying it and having it work for their lifestyle.



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