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I love the 90s: Kitchens

Scrunchies, Roller Blades, and Beverly Hills, 90210 are things that scream “the 90s were awesome!” However, typical late 80s/early 90s kitchens are not on that list.

Do Oak cabinets, white tile countertops, soffits, and an awkward island design sound familiar?

Many of our clients’ stories sound similar:

“Now that the kid’s are out of the house, we want to remodel the kitchen!”

“We raised our family in this house, beat it up, but we want to stay here and update it!”


We have worked with several clients to bring their dated, 90s kitchens into the current decade. Whenever we go over our upcoming projects at our weekly meeting, our project managers ask what type of project they will be assigned to. Robert often says, “It’s just your typical 90s kitchen.” Their eyes light up because we’ve done countless ’90s Kitchen remodels,’ and we know what to expect. These projects are predicable, and the improvements we can help with – both spatially and aesthetically – make you feel like you walked into a brand new home while integrating well into the rest of the home.

The cast of Full House would not be caught in these after pics…”Have mercy!”

This Wilsonville beauty was in need of an overhaul. Short Oak Cabinets, that soffit and an awkward island design had seen their day:



See the rest of the transformation on our ‘orderly conduct’ kitchen remodel.

Next up, we travel to Clackamas where we see this 90s Kitchen:


See all of the before and after photos of our ‘farmhouse flair’ project here.

In Garden Home, a similar story:


Heather Woods - 111

If you love your home and the neighborhood, but hate your kitchen, there’s no need to move. Kitchen remodels are hands down one of the best ways to not only increase the value of your home, but the livability for you and your family for years to come.

We can take you out of the 80s and 90s and into the present day with our design and build process. Contact us to discuss your project.

Have a house from another era? Check out our Portfolio for inspiration.




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