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5 areas to get organized for Back to School

No matter if you have kids in your home, off to college, or grown up, the end of August is an exciting time to wind down from the summer and kick it into organizational gear for the fall. As the weather begins to cool, you’ll be spending more and more time indoors. Now is the time to pick a few keys areas to revamp to make the daily routine more manageable.


Back to school time means stocking up on all your favorite snacks. Pull-out pantries are a great way to quickly access all of your options. We remodeled one family’s kitchen in Bethany and eliminated a corner pantry because the client’s Costco purchases were getting shoved into the little closet. Not only do you gain valuable space back in the kitchen, custom pantries allow you to use what you have.

kitchen pantry with barn doors


As the seasons change, it’s a great reason to go through your closet and rotate out seasonal items. An organized closet system makes it easy to allocate a space for everything. With shoes in one area, hanging dress shirts on one bar, pants on the other and sweaters folded nicely, you can now see what you have. Plus it makes getting ready in the morning that much easier. Our clients in Tualatin transformed an unused bedroom into their master closet.

walk in master closet

Laundry Room

Our office manager, Carly, claims that piles of dirty clothes seem to multiply in the fall when the kids head back to school. The laundry room should be an inviting place to spend some quality time in. Upgrades to countertops, cabinets, flooring and storage options help keep this space organized. Drying racks, ironing board, and laundry basket storage are a few ways to enhance the space and make it more useful.

laundry room with white cabinets

Secondary Bathrooms

While a master bathroom is usually high on the priority list, updates to a guest or kid’s bathroom can be a welcomed change. Typically, the footprint of the space works, but updates to material selections such as countertops, backsplash, lighting, and new plumbing can go a long way to give the space a whole new look. With the holidays around the corner, your guests will appreciate the remodeled space. Lately, we have had clients eager to remodel secondary bathrooms in preparation for extra entertaining for their children’s wedding and hosting out of town guests.

remodeld guest bathroom with black painted cabinets


Whether your kids take over the office to do their homework, or if your own workstation could use some organization to keep the family finances in order, designing a space that is functional and beautiful is always inspiring.

home office in living room

How are you getting organized for Fall? What rooms need special attention?

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