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Creating a Phased-Plan Remodel

If your wish list is bigger than your budget, consider phasing out your remodeling projects. We can create a game plan that makes sense for the current project as well as thoughtful planning for future work.

We’ll often work with our clients on a project, and then they’ll invite us back in a year or two (or ten) to do another one. Financially, it makes sense to save up and tackle another room in the home when feasible.

Planning for the Future

We always like to know the dream wish list from the start. This allows our team to think ahead and anticipate what will be affected. There are behind the scenes construction decisions that we can plan for during the first phase. If you plan to age-in-place, then we may consider widening door frames or adding backing to the appropriate locations so grab bars can be installed at a future time.

“We like to understand the overall plan to identify things we can do now to prep for the next phase,” said Ivan France, project developer at Mountainwood Homes. “Then we don’t have to go back and disrupt work that we’ve already completed.”

“It typically doesn’t cost a lot more to do a few things for future prep,” he adds. “Whether it’s running a water line, an electrical circuit or anything that’s in the wall or in the floor, we can run it now so we don’t have to figure it out later.”

Enjoy it Now

If you wait until you can take on all your remodeling projects at once, you may be missing out on current enjoyment.

Isn’t it worth it to get your bathroom remodeled now because it’s something that helps make everyday more enjoyable, organized and stress-free?

Imagine cooking dinner in a kitchen that’s specifically designed for you instead of using tired appliances.

You can improve areas of your home and your life without having to take it all on in one shot.

Establishing the Relationship

Working with a design build team also has it’s benefits because we know your style and have developed an understanding of how you live. We’ve been there every step of the way to help you select your solid surfaces, flooring, tile, cabinets, paint colors and lighting. We know what you like, and we can help develop a cohesive look and feel throughout your home no matter when you decide to live through construction.

We worked with a couple who remodeled their Northeast Portland master bathroom several years ago. When they went to purchase a different home, we ended up selecting the same plumbing fixtures again because they loved them so much.

Another upside to a phased-plan remodel is that it allows you to try out your contractor before you commit to a larger scale project.

If everything goes well with your kitchen remodel, it’s more exciting to think about the future master bathroom project because you’ve gotten over the anticipation of the unknown. Clients have mentioned that they feel less stressed the second time around because they know the process and their experience was great.

Don’t Wait

A phased-plan remodel can provide you with a road map for your home’s needs so you can plan both financially, mentally, and start enjoying the revamped spaces sooner than later.

Let us know what projects you’re considering. We’d love to meet with you to create a plan to make it happen this year.



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