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Where to Splurge or Save

There are many design selections to make during a remodel. What’s worth the investment? Where can you save? Mountainwood Homes’ owners, Robert and Heather Wood, fill us in on what elements of a home project are worth splurging on and where you can save and still get the desired look.

Heather says to splurge on:


Large kitchen island with quartz countertop and stovetop

Splurge on countertops that you love. You look at them every day, and it’s a significant expense to redo them down the road. Counters set the tone of the whole room. A good example is a client’s kitchen we remodeled in Lake Oswego. She loved the slab so much, even though it was over budget. It’s her favorite thing about her kitchen remodel, and it took our breath away when we saw the slab in the warehouse.


Dog laying on white carpet
Buy the best quality you can afford; It’s worth it. If you buy poor quality, it’s a big job to pull out and move your furniture twice to re-carpet after two years. Make sure the pad is a good one, too; it will increase the life of your carpet.



Industrial light fixture over table in dining room
I always tell people about lighting fixtures. If the lights are in the correct place and you have the right quantity, you can change them out over and over.


White subway tile shower with marble inset shampoo caddy
There are so many options out there at a good price that you don’t need to spend a fortune on the field tile. Go with neutral colors that will go with the changing of your decor over the years. Think mauve tiles of the 80’s – a tough project to remove a whole bathroom of tiles.

Robert says to splurge on:


Exterior of a custom home with many windows on the Oregon Coast
Please don’t skimp on windows because you’ll regret it every time you look through them. And they’re more expensive to change later than get what you really want in the first place.


Master bathroom showing a freestanding bath tub, tile shower and fireplace in Aloha, Oregon
Don’t forget to get the heated tile floor. I’ve never had a client wish they would have saved the money, but plenty of folks with cold feet tell me they wish they would have spent the extra money.



Tile fireplace with floating wood shelves and orange accent wall
It’s relatively inexpensive to change wall paint from time to time. It’s an easy way to get a new look with a ton of impact. On the other hand, keep the millwork (trim) paint neutral so it will work with all of your design whims. Painted doors, windows, and trim are very timely and costly, so keep this the same, and it will be the frame to your colorful wall colors.

Need Help?

If you’re overwhelmed with how to get everything on your wishlist and stay within your budget, we can help. Our team can help you weigh your options and help you determine areas to splurge or save. Contact us to discuss your remodel or custom home building project.



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