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Choosing A Style When Building A Custom Home

Walnut kitchen with large island
Large branches add texture to the sleek kitchen island.

When you are ready to build a new home, the most important question is what kind of new home should you build? There are so many styles to choose from, but usually, there are a few that come to mind immediately. The process of choosing your style of home when you are building a custom home in Beaverton is so much easier when you look at the different styles and what makes each of them so unique.


A cozy craftsman house might be exactly what you want when building a custom home in Beaverton. The simplicity, handiwork, and natural materials make a craftsman home a popular choice when building a new home. There are so many features that make craftsman homes a good choice. The features that make a craftsman special are beautiful porches to sit on in the evenings and the stone details and shingle siding. If you choose a craftsman home with its low profile roof, you will find this home will always be close to your heart.

Ultra Modern

Maybe you would prefer a super sleek, ultra-modern home. The windows can be floor-to-ceiling to give that sleek, ultra-modern look with doors that open up to the outdoors and the beauty of nature. Some of the features of an ultra-modern home are distinct angles and a modular look. This is a chance to use very modern materials when building and finishing your home. If you are lucky enough to have a piece of property with a spectacular view, you might want to choose a modern style house that blends well with nature. An ultra modern home can give you that wow factor that you are looking for when building a custom home in Beaverton.


If you are looking for a home that feels fresh and relaxed, then maybe a country ranch/ farmhouse is the home for you. You can feel at home in the country even if you don’t live in the country. A country ranch/ farmhouse is sure to give you that feeling. From porches that wrap around the entire house with plenty of entertaining space to swings hung from the porch rafters, a country ranch/farmhouse will be a place that everyone feels peaceful and wants to linger while sipping lemonade.

Your family will enjoy the convenience of the one-story living that a country ranch/ farmhouse provides. Kids especially enjoy living in it, and every day can be like a picnic. Many homeowners love gardening and spending time outdoors. So if you have a piece of land and you are wanting to capture a simpler time, a country ranch/farmhouse is the home for you.

Now that you have thought about a few styles of homes to build for your dream home, the next step is to find a contractor that can make your vision come to life. At Mountainwood Homes, our design team can design and build any style of home from ranch to modern to craftsman or something you have never even dreamed of. Call today and let your designer help you every step of the way to the home of your dreams.

modern farmhouse kitchen in Oregon, City, Oregon
This modern farmhouse kitchen mixes painted cabinets with a rift-sawn white oak island.



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