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Category: Kitchen

3 Types of Kitchen Range Hoods

A kitchen range hood can be the focal point of your space and draws everyone’s attention to the heart of your home. Whether your style is clean and modern, contemporary,

Benefits of Kitchen Banquette Seating

Kitchen banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens, and for good reasons. This versatile seating option offers many benefits, including increased seating capacity, improved storage options, and a

A Kitchen Remodel Timeline

What Is Involved with a Kitchen Remodel? You’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen, but how long will a kitchen remodel timeline take? After months (and sometimes years) of thinking

Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

Cindy Trinh, the Marketing Coordinator at Mountainwood Homes, shares some easy kitchen organization tips she uses at home. If you’re like me, my home reflects my mind. Whether that’s my

Smart Kitchen Storage: Custom Cabinets

Have you been dreaming about an organized kitchen? Cabinets are an important part of any remodel. Not only the door style, wood species, or paint color but also how they

before/after: NW Portland Kitchen Remodel

The Project: After keeping an eye out for available listings in the desirable Hartung Farms community, our clients jumped at a 1977, 1-level that came on the market and bought

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Home design trends come and go. Some designs are timeless classics and others only last for a season. If you’re considering home renovations in Beaverton this spring, you might be

Kitchen Islands Should Keep Traffic Flowing

Kitchen Islands Should Keep Traffic Flowing The biggest complaint homeowners have about their kitchens is the space. There’s never enough. That can mean not enough countertop workspace, not enough cabinetry

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